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Brianna Poh

feeling dumb with revit, keep doing and re-doing stuff because of lack of pre-empt! (i.e. brain T_T)

found info on window sizes, re-doing now.

getting used to though so hopefully mistakes will lessen soon.

OFFSET is everything so far! I think, for this assignment… that’s if I’m even on the right track haha.

leaving hero links here for (future) reference: Grid, Beams (MUST-WATCH Revit video IMHO, super Irish guy) & Dimensions article, and Revit magenta blog

EDIT:- another window thing x_X

pre-design presentation,

feedback: MORE site measure, look up meaning of word. ‘concealment’, ‘shroud’

two iterations, so these are the ones NOT chosen

Kindly Natalia has pointed me the right way! this cool site to measure area on Google Maps

also height!

trying to track down the plants we saw, useful info on environmental factors too.

from the Wellington regional native plant guide

also DOC’s Native plants

sketchup terrain pretty styles!

revit progress struggle

revit progress struggle

hello! just want to refresh the blog a bit, always being greeted by same last post.

went to the two exhibitions from China at Te Papa, really lovely and AMAZING illustrations like a cool combi of plan & elevation (top one) and brilliant “iso-perspectives” I dunno it’s just so COOL! Very self-explanatory and clear and yea everybody gets it :) is just awesome jam-packed info and detail!

I found out too late that there’s no photos (SORRY! probably means no posting too O_O? I will gladly take ‘em down please don’t sue me), but everyone should definitely check them out while you can! :D

edited video for studio 3.1 submission

realised I did have the design solutions thought out, but not labelled in the same clear language as the other Espressoholic slide, so did that. Tweaked the Mac’s umbrella to be more theatrical (like stage curtains), and added the slide which shows the coasters being hidden (only found when tracing the sound’s origins)

also credits for all resources used - sounds: BG sound, door close sfx, girls talking ; visuals: hessian, noise, card textures & wood PS brush

hehe too late to change the name now, and it kinda works I guess.

Today is a glorious overcast day, I rly like how the corflute looks from D in this light.

Sylvia I has put em up! we on full screen till other team comes :) as well as our circle spot names (I turned the OHP so it’s facing the door okay? lil spot in the corner :P

video for multimedia (Fri) “2 Mins of 2 Hours Before”

thought of doing it for a week (start shooting from 3 to 5 the day before, and upload that every next day for the opening week), to relay the “constant” element of studio. Like the showing of day in night (day at night?) was the “delay” but the constancy..?

Oli says “are you sure?” so nope, guess not..

Haha after installing with Sylvia and Natalia (long hands) I think really not so yup, shot a bit more over the weekend, will try to produce a nicey video with more clouds.

quite liked this ambiguous flashy spots and lens flare though, kept the clouds out of it (also cos Wellington had no clouds overhead on Thurs)

more video-like, less screensaver!

week 6 studio presentation


very resolved :) (whew!)

option of opting in & out, more obvious framing in the other two sites, control punchline till the end, participants should not see coaster before experiencing the installation?

talked to 4th year Steph after too, we both liked that it was subtle, and talked through that it actually shouldn’t end, (just as as long as you dine out you’ll pretty much always be a pawn) and the only means of opting out is to switch seats/go away.

so yup one way to “disclaimer” this would be to make the setup more obvious, Steph mentioned making it more theatrical, (she liked the frame too like Jacquie :)), and to find a way to uncover the coaster only after hearing the sound.

new site with Sylvia!
nervous :/ no idea yet.

new site with Sylvia!

nervous :/ no idea yet.